Crowning Glory


There is a Chinese custom that when a baby turns a month old, his parents will shave his head. There are various reasons for this. Some believe that keeping the hair that was grown in the mother’s womb will give them luck, so they tie the strands into a bundle with a red string. Some place the hair under the baby’s pillow hoping that he would sleep better, while others fashion a calligraphy brush out of the hair for keepsake. There is also a belief that shaving would result in a thicker new mane.

Most of my friends/relatives did that for their babies during the 满月 (full month) celebration, but the hubs and I couldn’t bear to do so. We love the bubs’ hair. That was one of the things I had prayed for when I was pregnant and it is wonderful to know that God pays attention to even our small requests. When she first crowned at the birthing suite, all the nurses ooh-ed and ahh-ed, saying, “Whoa! So much hair!” And everywhere the hubs and I went, we would be stopped by strangers who marveled at her hefty tuft.

Baby Ariel at 2 weeks. Look at that hair! How to shave?

Baby Ariel at 2 weeks. Look at that hair! How to shave?

Besides, we didn’t have a 满月 party for Ariel. The hubs and I just went out for a simple meal and bought a slice of cake (a red velvet cake — well, we tried our best to adhere to some kind of tradition)  and sang a birthday song.

The bubs, by the way, slept through the whole thing. (>_<)