Back in Singapore

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Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last updated this blog! So many things have happened since.┬áMy family and I moved from Los Angeles back to Singapore last June, and after living overseas for five years, there were lots to settle and pack before the move. It was hard bidding farewell to the wonderful friends we’ve made and to our cosy home filled with so many memories. To date, we still miss LA — the beautiful weather, taco trucks, Korean BBQ, Trader Joe’s, Target, the library near my house, the spacious parks, our road trips… I can go on and on. But as much as we love LA, we knew it was time to go and that God has a new set of plans for us…

So back to Singapore we came, and, for the first time, the bubs got to spend large amounts of time with her grandparents. That is probably one of the biggest pros about being back home. I love seeing how close they’ve become, and how her world has expanded beyond just her Mummy and Daddy. She has also adjusted well in school and made lots of friends.

As for me, I’ve been busy freelancing as a digital copywriter for one of the telcos in Singapore, and baking another bun in the oven!. >_< Yes, we are going to welcome baby no.2 in a couple of weeks’ time! So yep, gotta rev up for another big change in our lives…!