An Open Letter to ABC


Dear ABC Network,

I would like to thank you for creating The Bachelor to show America, and the world, what true love is. I am heartened that in the midst of all the negative media about love and sex, we have a show here that emphasizes trust, sacrifice and compromise as sacred values in a relationship. That love means rappelling down a 400-feet mountain or riding the scariest rollercoaster in Six Flags. That love means climbing up the Golden Gate Bridge or plunging into a freezing lake in a bathing suit. The ability to trust the bachelor (and the producers) with one’s life is the hallmark of the perfect partner. I am convinced that these values should be passed on to the next generation and for generations after. In fact, I am so inspired by your show that I asked my husband to submerge himself in our bathtub filled with ice water to prove his love for me. As you can see, your show has indeed greatly impacted lives such as myself.

Also, I love how realistic The Bachelor is (then again, of course it is. It is a reality TV show!). Never mind that the twenty-five women were cooped up in the house during the two months of filming with no access to television, books, magazine or music. Never mind that the women were discouraged from talking about any topics outside of The Bachelor for the entire time they were there. These were just minor technicalities that had to be executed to ensure that the producers had the women’s fullest attention. Imagine what kind of mischief the women might be up to if they were exposed to such distractions. I wish to let you know that I fully support your treatment of these contestants, and applaud you for your foresight to contain them in a single space with no interactions with the outside world. Anyway, what is a little sacrifice in the name of love, right?

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to continue your good work and ignore the naysayers. To those who doubted the success and authenticity of The Bachelor just because none of the bachelors in the past 17 seasons had successfully made it to the wedding altar, I say, “Ditch their viewership!” Is it your fault that their relationship couldn’t last beyond the show? Of course not! The fact that they got engaged after knowing each other for only two months is irrelevant. True love can happen anytime, anywhere.

So keep up the good work, ABC. The Bachelor is one of the best, if not the best show on national television and I look forward with high hopes of yet another rewarding new season.

Your forever fan,