Pre-Bubs and Post-Bubs

motherhood, parenting


These days, I tend to think of my life as pre-bubs and post-bubs. Like: Before I was pregnant… or After I had the bubs… I’m not sure how long this mindset will last, but I guess that is because having a baby is such a drastic change that I can’t help but think of life that way. Sometimes it is positive: how much joy the bubs has brought to my life. But sometimes it can be negative: how sleep-deprived I’ve become (it’s improving though, thank God!).
But whether it is life pre-bubs or post-bubs, one person has always been there, and that is my hubby. We may not have as much time as we used to have for each other, but he is still my rock, my confidante, and my love for him has only deepened as we care for the bubs together. I used to be worried that when a baby came along, our relationship would change. And it did — for the better. In the past few months, I saw a side of him I wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for the baby. If he was tender before, he was even more so now. If he was patient before, double that — for both the baby and me. He is the one who keeps the house in shape, plays an integral role in caring for Ariel, studies like crazy and yet still sets aside time to be my husband, my friend. Always ready with a listening ear; a gentle hand. I am dependent on him and I am not ashamed to say it because that is the truth — we are intertwined. I cannot sing enough praises of this man whom God has placed my life, who had fought battles with me and won, who never stopped telling and showing me that he loves me just the way I am, blemishes and all. And it is because of his love for me that I can be the wife I am to him.

Many years from now, the bubs is going to grow up and lead her own life. She will fall in love. Start a family. Have a career. Maybe I’d get to see her every day. Maybe once a week. Or maybe she’d move to another country. But when the time comes, I know that I won’t be alone for I can turn to my side, to the man who has always been holding my hand, pre-bubs and post-bubs.