Ten Signs You are Addicted to Candy Crush

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‘Fess up. How many of you have been sucked into the Candy Crush madness? I know I have. I am actually a late player in the game (haha pun unintended) considering I’d only started a week ago. Yet, in just a week, I had completed over a hundred stages. I’m not bragging cos that doesn’t reflect anything about my ability to crush candies. Rather, it is just proof of the insane number of hours I had spent playing it.

So I deleted the game.

Actually, I asked my husband to delete it for me while I was out shopping — while I still possessed a shred of willpower without the happy music and colorful candies jumping in front of me. It took me a while to come to this painful decision whereas my husband, once he got the green light from me, gladly and readily destroyed all presence of the game in my tablet. Obviously he had witnessed one too many nights of me lying slump on the bed with only my forefinger moving, eyes unblinking. I think he wants his wife back.

Here’s a list I put together on the top ten signs you are addicted to Candy Crush. It’s not exhaustive, and you might find yourself relating to some of them.

Ten Signs You are Addicted to Candy Crush

1. You suddenly hate chocolates with a vengeance.

2. You can see candies crushing before you even with your eyes closed.

3. You dream of yourself playing even while asleep.

4. You start making excuses that you cannot sleep so that you have a reason to stay up late.

5. You develop candy crush breath from pulling all-nighters.

6. You lie about the number of hours you spend on it.

7. You lose feeling of your arm and forefinger at the 5th hour of the game.

8. You cannot tell the real date on your phone/tablet anymore because of all the “extra” lives you got from configuring it.

9. You require the assistance of someone else to delete the game for you.

10. You are convinced that playing Candy Crush can offer you life lessons.